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Elon musk shared his thoughts on friday on twitter about universal basic income ubi and another stimulus check from the us government.

Elon musk ubi. Elon musk is the most wholesome visionary our era has produced. Bernice king tweeted about her fathers advocacy of. As a reminder im in favor of universal basic income.

Universal basic income is a cash handout distributed to the people of a state or. A guy with his eyes on a horizon beyond money. Some observers such as bill gates see the rise in automation as an opportunity to raise government revenue through a robot tax while others such as elon musk reportedly claim that ubi will be necessary to confront societys inevitable technological dependency.

In an interview with cnbc in november tesla ceo elon musk joined a growing list of tech executives who support universal basic income as a possible solution to the widespread unemployment that. Elon musk reiterated his support for universal basic income ubi on monday in response to a tweet from martin luther kings daughter bernice. Elon musk at the world government summit 2017 in dubai.

Combining tweets that were made sequentially he wrote another government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people imo. Elon musk and andrew yang support universal basic income heres what it could mean for americans imagine a sum of cash deposited in your bank account every month for doing absolutely nothing.