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Beau Biden Military Dress Uniform

Major bidens peers knew that he was in the.

Beau biden military dress uniform. Joseph robinette beau biden iii february 3 1969 may 30 2015 was an american politician lawyer and officer in the army judge advocate generals corps from wilmington delawarehe was the eldest of three children from the marriage of us. Joe bidens lack of military experience would place him among a minority of american presidents who never wore the uniform including president donald trump if he were elected for the nations. For some reason hunter biden did not face this action.

Lets look at joe bidens comments about his son. Of note bidens son major beau biden served honorable in the delaware army national guard as a lawyer. Beau knew early on he had a future in politics because of his dad and he spent a large part of his life grooming for the next political step so imho i doubt military service was anything more to him than a box he knew he had to check off to help him get to the next level of politics.

President elect joe biden and his first wife neilia hunterhe served as the 44th attorney general of delaware and a major in the delaware army. Only about a fifth of congress has any military experience and only about 1 percent of all senators and house members have children in uniform. According to the review atlas this unit was the first national guard unit to maintain the militarys signal and communications network in.

Beau biden who died may 30 of brain cancer deployed to iraq as a captain in the army national guard just as his dad joe biden was running for vice president in 2008. Most civilians do not understand or for that matter fully appreciate the military awards system.

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